Wednesday, 17 July 2013

What has God gifted me with? (Spiritual Gifts Part 1)

Had an AWESOME weekend of teaching, learning and connecting with an amazing group of people intent on discovering their Spiritual Gifts - To God be all the glory!

We discovered everyone's  'Top 3' Spiritual Gifts over the weekend and the range included:
Helping / Serving; Teaching; Wisdom; Knowledge; Hospitality; Administration; Leadership; Faith; Giving; Mercy; Pastor / Shepherding; Evangelist; and Prophecy.

This was definitely a seminar with a difference!  All participants engaged in a number of practical assignments to discover and/or confirm the Spiritual Gift(s) that God has given them specifically for use in ministry.

Everyone who joined us over the weekend had 'breakthrough' and 'light-bulb' moments, which was great and a real blessing to be part of.  The weekend was lighthearted, fun and full of laughter.

Once again, thank you to everyone who came along, fully participated on the weekend and also to all of you have been praying for the ministry's success.  As we learned the last time we were together, there is certainly MUCH power in prayer - we appreciate your spiritual efforts.

If you want join us for the Part 2: "What am I supposed to do with my gifting?", taking place 7 - 8th September, but were unable to join us for Part 1, contact me as I have some suggestions to bring you 'up to speed', ready to take part in September.  

By God's grace, we are looking forward to another amazing and uplifting weekend  So do come along and join us!

Until the next time...
Stay blessed

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