Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Your Date with Destiny

WOW... What a weekend... 

Last weekend, 2 - 3 February, I had the pleasure of accompanying 19 people on a journey of discovery to understand and/or confirm God's plan and destiny for their lives!

At this, the launch weekend seminar for Christian Leadership Ministries, we had people from a number of different church denominations, as well as someone who doesn't attend church, all working together in harmony, supporting each other, sharing, giving of themselves, having fun.

For me, the atmosphere was amazing.  I witnessed many new friendships being formed and new connections being made.  It was like I could actually 'feel' the presence of God with us throughout the whole weekend.  Based on comments made and the feedback received, it was an amazing experience for everyone who participated.  All in all, it was a God-inspired, confirming and connecting experience.  It was wonderful.

So what was so wonderful about it?  What did we actually cover over this weekend journey to discover our destiny projects and God's will for our lives?

Well on the first day we worked our way through a number of things, including:
  • 7 principles to remind us that whatever our ultimate kingdom pursuits are, it all starts with God;
  • 4 steps to give our lives focus;
  • an awareness of what stops us from achieving the goals in our lives & strategies to overcome; and 
  • the importance of having support as we actively work for God.
The second day, which finished at lunchtime, our morning included:
  • the benefits of living a purpose driven life;
  • 5 steps that will move us from merely identifying our God-given purpose, to actually being in a position to fulfil it!
During our time together we uncovered lots of ideas for mission work, including:
  • the use of Art to minister to people;
  • working with the homeless
  • prayer and healing;
  • praise and worship;
  • mentoring & developing young people;
  • counselling;
  • family life and family development ministries;
  • evangelising
  • 'Church in the Community'; and 
  • ministries for holistic development (mentally, physically, financially and emotionally).
By the end of our time together, participants went away with, not only clarity in terms of the ministry they themselves want to get actively involved in, but the also left with a plan of action and their first 3 - 5 steps to move forward with.

I want to say a special "Thank you" to EVERYONE who was involved in making the weekend possible: to the Lord, for His guidance and vision; special thanks to Ann, Dave and all the staff at Purley Chase, who provided "home from home" hospitality to us; to all those who came along and took such an active part; and to everyone who has helped me in ensuring that this weekend was such a success.

Thank you once again, and until the next time,
Stay blessed.



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