Friday, 11 January 2013

Feeling all alone

For me... there is nothing sweeter than a close companionship with God.  Having clear direction and knowing that I am progressing along the path that God has purposed for me, brings a spring in my step.  It makes enduring setbacks and life's hardships bearable, and at times, I can even appreciate the personal strength and faith-building that comes from going through such experiences.  However, when the silence comes... for me, it's a very different experience...

When I can't seem to hear from God; when the clarity of the next step doesn't seem apparent; when progress seems thwarted; and friends, family or church brethren seem to be singing from a completely different hymn sheet, self-doubt sets in, life feels cold and my seemingly only option, at those times seems to be, abandon hope... retreat into myself... give up... 

But there really is another way.  As a child of the Most high, our Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ and the Comforter, is NEVER afar off.  It's times like this that I remember that well known poem 'Footsteps in the Sand' by Mary Stevenson.

So what can I do during these lonely times?  What has worked for me when I have been here before?

Firstly, claiming the promises of God from the Bible
"I can do all thing through Christ Jesus who strengthens me" Philippians 4:13
I remember that if ... God makes the decision, He will also make the provision.
"But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you" Matthew 6:33

Secondly, I remember again what God has promised me personally.  I recall all the assurances that I have been given when I have listened to that 'still small voice' in times past, and that gives me comfort.

And thirdly, I bring to mind all the things that I have witnessed along my walk with God, my personal testimonies of the power and goodness of God.

These three things have helped me when I have felt alone.  I don't know, try them, and see if they can bring you comfort to you too.

Until the next time, stay blessed.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

A time to be still

When you're waiting on God, it's a good time to sit alone, be quiet, think about God, pray, read your Bible and listen.

One element of an active devotional life is to build in or plan "quiet time" into your devotional practice.  Bible study, prayer and fasting are ALL very important elements in building a close relationship with God.  However, communication in any relationship is a two-way process.  Your relationship with God is no different.  God wants us to communicate to Him through prayer, learn about Him through the Word, dedicate and consecrate ourselves through fasting, AND He wants the opportunity to be able to respond directly to our requests, through that 'still small voice'.

When God create mankind He gave us free will and choice.  So He won't force His way into our lives, How won't necessarily shout to give His point of view; He'll wait for a quiet moment, wait for that invitation, wait for an opportunity to be heard.

In any important relationship, it's important to create the time and space for both parties in the relationship to speak and for both parties to be heard.  Our relationship with God is no different.

So perhaps you are at a crossroad in your life and need direction; you may have made requests to God and are awaiting an answer to prayer; you maybe lonely and in need of a friend...

My question to you is:  Have you taken some time out lately, to be quiet, still, alone with God; just to listen to what He has to communicate to you?

Until the next time, stay blessed.